ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Drunken Sun
silk, cocoons, wood, metals, pottery, mirror, wine bottles, goblet, liquor, sounds
For display approach 展示尺寸约 3(H)*15*4m | silk plane 1*976*244cm (in 8 pieces)

This is a multimedia installation which integrates the sense of sight, hearing and smell. Through poetic meditation, the artist reconstructs an ancient myth when the cosmos was in chaos and deduces a time-disorder modern absurd play filling with contradictions in a memorizing image of the world. In this scene with the sound of xun and silkworm, we can vaguely find the three-legged bird, Ping Qi, Kua Fu, Hou Yi, Apollo, Dionysus etc. An astonishing relic of the world under the current ecological crisis is waiting to be discovered by audiences.

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