ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Caution! Your Intervention will Make an Impact on it, as it will also Make an Impact on You

“Caution! Your Intervention will make an impact on it, as it will also make an impact on you” is a body intervention installation work about the concept of “balance.” The platform has only one central fulcrum, so as the body intervenes on it, it loses its balance. As the platform becomes unbalanced, it produces a high-frequency sound that induces discomfort. Red strobe light  flashes; the mobile signal in the surrounding area gets interfered; the monitoring video camera is also blocked. Unless the interveners on the platform shift their positions and reach a new balance.

The work was first inspired by witnessing the unbalance caused by a small steel ball accidentally rolling beneath a large plate. The small steel ball is like a “defect”, which broke down the balanced state we are accustomed to. I think this concept is particularly suitable for the terrace with its special spatial significance. Because of its location at the intersection of multiple consulates, the complexity of its boundary goes without saying. Therefore, embedding this sensitive device in this special environment, which constantly produces imbalance and constantly reaches new balance, is accurate and necessary! Through this balancing device, the particularity and sensitivity of the boundaries are activated and highlighted.

Oct.20, 2020
Shi Yong in Shanghai