ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Long Time Between Sunsets and Underground Waves
Multi-channel video
Three-channel video Installation, colour, mixed stereo
9 minutes 8 seconds
Edition of 1 + 1AP

This work offers an insight into the interplay and struggle between human activity and nature from the non-human perspective of an island, and explores the intertwined relationship between marine culture, legend, island and biopolitics in a semi-documentary, semi-fictional way. The island in the film seems to be a closed-off, circular ecosystem, with ghostly fires and visions appearing at night in the dense forest, perhaps from the spirits of inhabitants who were slaughtered during the war. Beneath the sea surface, legends and superstitious beliefs about mythical creatures and the nomadic Bajau people still circulate—as do the second-generation immigrants who are scattered across the Malay Archipelago without identity or nationality, seeking a place to live in the “undercurrents”, far from the mainland, separated by choice or by force.

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