ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Aquatic Invasion No.1
free-standing sculpture
Kiln cast glass, mineral pigments, sagger bases (refractory sand, clay, glaze, black iron, LED lights)
109.7(H)*38*30cm | Sculpture 16.7*38*22cm | Base 93*30*30cm

“Aquatic Invasion” is a series of glass, crystalline installations. In the early works of techno band Drexciya, they imagine an underwater kingdom established by people who were thrown into the sea during human trade, and it thus reminds Hu Wei of Turner's depictions of slave ships and drowned human limbs in sea storms. The artist infuses “historical spirits” into his collection of unidentifiable sea creatures, plants and skeletal fragments, imagining their structures in a planktonic connection to human body (remains), and how they can generate a kind of body horror backwards. The origin and birth of “Aquatic Invasion” are combined with "body horror" and replaced by a mutated allegory.

Detail pictures:

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