ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

A River Full of Spring Water Flowing West
Neon Light
Edition of 3

The work is conceptually based on the observation and contemplation on status quo of Chinese contemporary art. The text displayed in this piece is adapted from the last sentence of The Beautiful Lady Yu, composed by LI Yu, or LI Houzhu, the last emperor of Nan-Tang Kingdom.


The Beautiful Lady Yu
By LI Yu

Spring flowers, autumn moon – when will they end?
Past affairs – who knows how many?
Last night in the small pavilion the east wind came again.
I dare not turn my head toward my homeland in the moonlight.

The inlaid balustrade and jade stairs must still be there
- It’s only the youthful faces that have changed.
I ask you, how much sorrow can there be?
Just as much as a river full of spring waters, flowing east.

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