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Eat 1
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

Since 2000, as we can see in Fast food, Eating series, Zhang enli subjects start to be more strictly related to real ‘city characters’. After having been based in Shanghai for quite a while, his way of living has become ‘metropolitan’, and his gaze has changed into the one of a city-person who looks at the people around him. He has gained a new, refined skill at noticing all the changes taking place in the city, even thought he has not modified mush his expressive pictorial language. However, his attitude towards the city is very sceptical, leading him to adopt a detached expressionist style to portray the life of his fellow citizens. Zhang enli viewpoint is critical towards the contemporary civilization standard, he is sceptical about artificial beauty, about the sudden change of life one experiences in large cities, about the quick and unnatural improvement of economics, about all the false temptation and desires, about exaggerate eating and drinking.