ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

The Grand Voyage: Rambutan
Glass sculpture, fabric, video
11 minutes 52 seconds
Edition of 5 + 1AP

Glass sculpture, fabric, video
arm 47×9×6cm, leg 60×23×11cm, lower back 32×23×18cm, shoulder blade 38×25×17cm | single-channel, color, 11min52sec
Edition of 5

Rambutan’s appearance resembled her name; however, by the time she was discovered, her legs and arms were bound to the back, the hair all over her body had faded to white. It happened all at once, and the onlookers could even hear the subtle bursts as the blush died down. She coiled into a fermented cotton ball, and people seemed to have seen some blocky tattoos so shaved her body hair. Apparently, correspondences involving confidential messages had already been shorn. People were barely able to read in the blur:

...their hats are alike, with a sharp top on each like a flock of grey pigeons incubating eggs, which silently generates thirst, horror, loneliness, nostalgia and anger. I dare not become acquaintances with anyone because I fear losing any friend, but I cannot resist being attracted and getting close to them... (inner upper arms) the last month of the year, on the last day of the month, I have to tell you: your hopeless stupidity is adorable and causes heartfelt admiration. Standing atop such a high pinnacle, I can’t help rejoicing. All the deepest feelings should only be revealed to you to rid coyness. Verbiage annoys you, but lilacs are blossoming, let’s not fool away the fine season... (shoulder blade)

...dear sir, my wallet has been carrying a photo of you for twenty years. Our first confrontation took place when I was merely eighteen, and I’m afraid the reason why you spared my life will remain an enigma forever… please forgive me for killing you; that was the training I’d been receiving for long. Some people can return home, whilst the others cannot... (back of lower legs) I received four new poems from my younger brother. Elegant and appealing, they reflected his progress, as well as that he is infected with the romantic melancholia. Now that the flavour is mellow, don’t you worry about falling out of shape; now that the pleated skirt is enchanting, don’t you worry about forgetting yourself... (lower back)

Detail pictures: