ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Echo I
oil on linen

These three works have been put aside in the studio, and I’m not sure what kind of state they are in. They were created in different periods. Regularly, I clean up my material storage and do some experiments to generate new ideas. I saw a variety of lattice-shaped objects with various functions in building materials shops, when I was busy with refurbishing one time. I felt like I was entering into a mosque, dazzled by infinite variations of geometric patterns. When it comes to religion, the design of patterns is free of any purposes. It is more like a visualised music bringing the audience in peaceful contemplation. By contrast, the metal and plastic nets in the shops are designed to be practical. Will there be something innovative if we integrate them? It is just like the problem that the craftsmen in the churches or temples may confront with: how to create something spiritual there with physical materials. I wanted to make some tactile paintings, as I was quite sensitive about the texture of paintings. Therefore, I bought some materials to proceed with my experiments, which was not boring at all although it was put aside later. This clue is being suspended but never boring. They did not get presented to the public because the concept was not fully developed. Another reason is that I wanted to present something figurative. But these paintings are abstract, which did not work out for me. Other similar works were mostly damaged or destroyed, when I move to one place to another. I keep these few pieces, as almost everyone intends to buy when they see them, no matter these paintings have showed my consistent ideas or not. I wonder what have made them commercially successful.

Detail pictures: