ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Fire Thief
Oil on canvas
300(H)*340cm (in 2 pieces)

In Zhao Yang’s paintings, images crossing space-time and absurd fictions are often placed together. With the inherent inconsistent ideas, the contradictions in the paintings are thus strengthened. Contradictory, with a hint element of drama they unified in a flat space-time. Zhao Yang’s painting wandered between the ordinary real life and the Eastern and Western fairy tales, fables, constituted an enigmatic interpretation and symbols of metaphors, embodied the images after "chaos" and "hybrid ". With the surrealistic way, and personal narrative style, he slides back and forth in the "story" and "current" social life, shows a strong dramatic appeal. Zhao Yang's models were without the specific spacetime background, and some were even a sort of hyperbole and we called as unbelievable, like a monument stood in the image which was with the romantic atmosphere and the color of nihilism. The diversity and identity of the paintings, were controlled in a region of conflict and anxiety by the painter.

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