ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Moon Garden
2014 ~ 2016
Acrylic sheet, silk, mirror, strip steel, stainless steel plate, cocoon, sand

Responding to the rise and decline of Mesopotamia civilisation as well as the current turbulence, Liang creates a sacred land for pilgrims with silk, sand, daggers and mirrors. With beams of light pouring, the work poetically gives the illusion of delicate moonlight shining through over a harsh desert-like environment. Moon Garden explores, among multiple themes, the coexistence of the fragile and delicate with the harsh and hard-edged. Liang utilised nearly 35,000 silkworms over two years to create the work.

In Liang’s silk language, silk stands for softness, delicacy, and a continuation of life or rebirth. The beautiful “S” shape curve serenely dominates in the middle of the space, resembling silk veil or memorial tablet with the Arabic word of “serenity” on it. Cloud-like shadow spread all over the walls and ground while the watery light pouring. A mirage is thus created where is fraught with danger. Hidden behind the tablet and glittering coldly, the sharp daggers and mirrors raise an alarm to remind people of the facts those have been concealed. Liang applies silk’s attribution of symbolising life to answer and to lessen the chaotic.

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