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Shanghai Living (H91)
Edition of 8

Yang Haidi (Shanghainese, Paper-cut Handicratsman)
I Like the ocian from childhood and I’m interested in boats. For the last few decades I’ve collected a room of books, picure albums and articles about boats. I traveled along the seaside cities in China for my collection and got caught by te police in Xiamen, Fujian Province, in 1964, with an accuse of being a spy of America, I was accused of being a trator and spend two years in Baimaoling Mountain of Anhui Province for reformation. I make a linging by paper-cutting. My wife left me five years ago and I don’t have children. I shut myself at hme when she left me, filing my aterals. I have no one to talk to and sometimes I shout or sing loudly at home in order not to lose my language fundtion. I’m not rich but spiritually satisfied. I won’t sell my collections even if someone pays me 5000’000 Yuan. I can’t live without them.  Worry about one things, that is, what I’m going to do when I’m to old for paper-cutting.