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Landscape - Commemorating Huang Binhong
Light and Audio Installation:Curtain wall of neon tubes, approximately 2520 handmade neon tubes, computer control section; neon tubes operation control set; speaker set, power requirement:380V (three-phase four-wire system) 60KVA

Landscape-Commemorating Huang Binhong is a fan-shaped stereoscopic installation with neon and sound, which is 5 meters high and 10.6 meters wide, fashioned with a curved body of 13.6 meters in length. The whole picture is composed of 2520 neon tubes light up one by one in every 10 seconds which are controlled by the single note of Guqin (traditional Chinese musical instrument) during the 7-hours full process of displaying. Synchronous with the music, the neon light up when a note struck that last from 2 to 3 seconds, and leave it into a silence of 7 to 8 seconds.

The landscape brought by the light, the light is determined by time, however, the music is sounded by the landscape, which is harmonious with the light.

The basement of the music is to bring the tune and volume into correspondence with the length, angle and direction of the neon, and change the timbre according to the shape and operation speed of the neon. The whole construction and processing of the music is digital in form with a mechanized method, which is a kind of quantized designed music.

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