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On "Newspaper Series"

Author: Wang Youshen 1993

Daily Work
Editing is my daily work, as well as being my daily work in the art field. In otherwords, my daily work is my art. As an editing middleman and facilitator, my work iscombing through the various phenomena of society, as it is, before reaching out to thecorners of society form an information network. Through such work I derive pleasurein executing my creative and design plans and using them to conduct an "exploratoryobservation" of the psychological differences among recipients in the informationnetwork.

Regular Life
Interior design is an extension of my daily work and the perfection of my daily workspace. To arrange a pleasurable space and to be moved by this space is to besimultaneously limited by this space. People need to enter a space which can controltheir regular lives, but the space also purifies and revitalizes them.

Print Media (Newspaper)
Whether they possess or lack meaning, words manifested through the medium of printfulfill a physiological and psychological function for readers, thereby imprintingsociety. At the same time, the creator in the print media is increasingly tormented andduplicated by such media.

Wang Youshen,1993

Excerpted from: 45th Venice Biennale (Aperto'93) Catalogue, Venice, Italy, 1993, p452


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