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Somniloquy of “White Light”

Author: Liang Shaoji 2021

Speed up! Speed up! Speed up! Silkworm shadows, moth dances, flying rocks, circling roots, broken mirrors, residual bricks, bloody bare feet walking on iron filings … eighteen images dissolve in thousands of times acceleration, turning into sparkling flames and shocking particles. The flow of light finally reduces into a blank white. Is the white light the guide of salvation hope, holiness, purity, and life, or is it the low murmuring of desolation, boundlessness, sorrow, and helplessness? Nothingness, emptiness, opaque beings and soulless spirits are all present. I do not need to fathom the weight of infinite reincarnation, or the distinction between beauty and nothingness.

With the heavenly silkworm, in Einstein's light years, across thousands of miles, I traverse the wormholes of the vast universe, and the dark matter is flying and roaring beside me. I pick up a black stone in space and it turns out to be Dante's "Divine Comedy", a piece of sentence looming in the page: "The arrow hits the target but leaves the string." Yes, we have derailed from the original aspiration out of delusion and desire. I grab another white stone and exert all my strength to open it. Zhuangzi's proverb suddenly appears in front of me-"the Tao generates itself in the heart when it is pure and clear". The empty room is the heart, the whiteness is the Tao, when the heart is pure, and the Tao comes… I turn around and hold a grey stone, which is engraved with Agamben's words-" Obscurity is a light, a light that tries to reach us but yet has not". Pausing for a moment, I am pondering that about 90% of the silk is the encounter of amino acids with space. As if I had an epiphany, I wrote a sentence on a flying rock in space, "Silkworms are the apostles of light, they are the agile and mysterious waves passing through all beings, calling for salvation."

In a daze, out of the blue appears the white light. In a trance, I see traces of silk, traces of existence, and traces of nowhere.

The whiteness of silk, the essence of protein, the purity of life, the infinity of dark night, the sharpness of cold sword, the immensity of universe, the divinity of sacred heart, the simplicity of unity, the innocence of misty poetry, the eternity of starlight!

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