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"Chrysalis Exuviation —— the Heart-burnt Carrot"

Author: Zhu Jia Nov,2005

Installation  2005

I have been observing and recording the lives of immigrants in Beijing for almost a year and I have found their relationship with the natives full of anxieties and while they try to merge each other at different levels. The biggest contradiction lies in the problem of the public and private.

According to my knowledge, public toilets are the most typical special place in modern cities. It's totally neutral, However, in this often ignored place, there are so many hidden powerful but uncertain signals. Therefore, I want to put a typical house for rent aside a public toilet of the museums (for example, the toilet outside of the GDMOA) in a rether conceptual way. With the conceptual model of the private and the public. I am here attempting to stimulate concerns over this problem and cause confusions in the meantime, I resort to moving images of private life (in an abitary manner) to blend visually the phenomena of private house renting and its public usage, in order to cause confusions of concepts.

From:  Beyond: An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for Modernization —— The Second Guangzhou Triennial
Lingnan Fine Art Publishing House, Guangzhou, 2005

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