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CHEN Xiaoyun Video Work Introduction (2)


Drag (2006)  single channel video, 4', ed. of 6
The young man is dragging, being exhausted, and wearing nothing above. The gain in the dark, the compromise of body and mind, being endless, is bogged down deeper and deeper.

Merry Christmas (2006)  single channel video, 4', ed. of 6
A Santa Claus with four thugs, a demented “Holy Night”, a sort of slapstick, results to a perfect misery. In the dim dirty machinery room, everyone seems to be symbolized as a delicate part of the running steam machine—the fate.

Shears, Shears (2002)  single channel video, 3', ed. of 6
Cutting the night sky, cutting the perfusion tube, cutting the insects, cutting the lips, cutting the universe from segments reverts a broken site.

Mangy Dog (2007)  single channel video, 7'57"
Born with physical disability and mental anguish, the unfortunate man bark to everything that against his fate. At least, this is still a living body with desire. In the black video fulfilled with violence and irony, “scene” & “fate”—the key words of CHEN Xiaoyun reflected everywhere.

Several moments reaching to the night (2002)  single channel video, 11'30", ed. of 6
Similar to the memory clips, the boring action and back ground music of fickleness made up the video stream. We try to oblivion what we considered useless, but they rooted in. Reluctantly mechanic memory and the scary of delusion of persecution constitute the rest of our mental world.  

Who is angel (2001)  single channel video, 3', ed. of 6
The man whose leg cannot touch the land is wandering in the dark street, and the sound of barking at night keep going.  Whether he is pleased with satisfaction or stressed of besieged?

I’m King (2007) single channel video, 3'10"
The man announces King as his identity with savage and bold sex scene. This is the self-comforter’s monologue

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