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ShanghART Taopu (wall text)


Established in 2010, ShanghART Taopu is the first warehouse-style art museum in China. It is a complex space with functions for storage & show room, education & research, and exhibition & project, which intends to explore a new possibility of how to use space more reasonably for display, preservation, study, and education of contemporary art.

ShanghART Taopu has wide space, adequate rooflight, and ideal storey height, and all these advantages provide good visual effect of art displays other than preservation and storage of art. The interior layout is designed for different functions of rooms, such as the main show room, multi-function room, special display room, archive room, storage space, meeting room, and work studio, etc.

The main show room (1,400 sqm approximately) is used to exhibit big installation and sculpture works by ShanghART represented artists. Those works had to be preserved in the storage are now able to be shown to the public again.  

Special display room (about 110 sqm) is a space isolated from the main show room, which is used to hold instant theme exhibition and all kinds of art events.

Multi-function room (about 140 sqm) is a rectangular exhibition room connected to the main show room, which is designed for various functions. It can be used with the special display room together to hold a theme or solo exhibition, or solely to display video works. Alternatively, it is also a space for art communication, education, and other events.

Archive room (about 36 sqm) is an independent space inside of the main show room, which is to display the first hand archives of Chinese contemporary art and video previews of past exhibitions, so as to fill in some blanks on history of contemporary art.

While exploring more possibilities of fully use ShanghART Taopu and its potentials as a new art platform, we will closely work with art schools, research institutions, art professionals, and hope ShanghART Taopu can play its unique role as a new form of warehouse style art museum.

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