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Fake Yourself Well!

Reality Swap Through Cctv Author: LU Xinghua 2011

We love to cheat ourselves with cctv. How wonderful it is to be able to voyeurize and stalk ourselves for ourselves for fun!

On the menu are three choices: Orwellian Big-brotherian around-view-monitoring, or a detective-story-like pervert's voyeurism? But why not taste this one on the present exhibition: to replace or exchange reality by circulating it in a monitoring system?

Oh, how blissful it could be if we can transplant People's Square to a remote village in the far west! And it must be a liberating experience if we exchange their roles between a model CCCP cadre in a suburban village in Shanghai and a model worker in a whisky distillery in Scotland! And who says that a hooker does not have a greater plan for life than a feminist banker working for a foreign investment bank in Pu Dong?

Yes, yes, all our occupations and identities are now in tatters. No one is doing a great job in the literal sense. We only do petty jobs to feed the monitors that are faithfully taking care of us all. We compete to convince ourselves that we are each doing a great job, knowing fully well that we are running out of stories. We use monitors to fake ourselves.

So wish you all fake well! And happy new year!

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