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Zhou Zixi at BüroFriedrich 2006

Opening:  18th March 2006, 6 - 9 p.m.
Duration:  18 th March -  29th April , Tue. - Sat. 12 - 6 p.m.

BüroFriedrich-berlin is happy to announce the first solo show Interiors of the Chinese artist Zhou Zixi in Germany. Zhou Zixi's solo project is part in a series of exhibitions BF-b has had since 1998, introducing Chinese artists in Berlin like Cao Fei, Xu Tan, Yang Fudong, Kan Xuan and Zhang Enli. The Shanghainese painter Zhou Zixi is another representative of this new generation of Chinese artists. Starting from global- and domestical politic topics, he focuses more on the aspects of the daily life.

In his work Zhou Zixi deals with the transformation of the Chinese society, stuck between communism and capitalism. In the style of realism, he documents political life and the growing demands of a consumer society: the developing class of the niveu-rich. The basis of his work is formed by images he obtains from public media: semi-private Internet Blogs, television, print media and also the area of the fine arts. Themes such as the revolt at the Tiananmen Square at 1989 can be found in his paintings alongside appropriated images from well-known works of colleagues and friends like Yang Fudong or Lu Zhengshen. In recent years of the 21st Century, the luxury of the new urban life, with its focus on the private interior, came to the forefront of his interest.

Parallel to reproductions of images with historical content, Zhou Zixi presents lifestyles of young social climbers in a new amusement culture. In his current series Happy Life he comments in a humorous way on these social changes. Thus he portrays a scuba-diving woman in the domestic bathtub, or a climber draped across the display room of a museum. In regard to his paintings Zixi comments: "In my view, this sort of thing and others like jogging in a gym are equally absurd. I just exaggerate them infinitely."

Zhou Zixi, born 1970 in Nanchang, Jiangxi, lives and works in Shanghai. He studied at the Art Department of the Jiangxi Normal University and the East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai.

In 2005 Zhou Zixi had a solo exhibition at the Bizart Art Center in Shanghai. As from April 15th his works will be on display in the exhibition‚ Under the Skin' at the UniversalStudios-beijing.

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