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Premises Lease Contract


Premises Lease Contract



Lessee: Xu Zhen

Lessor: Huang Kui


Both parties hereby agree to enter into this Contract concerning the lease of a space in Lessor’s private property to store Lessee’s articles.



I.          Lease term and premises location

The premises agreed for lease by both parties is the window section in the property located in Room 203, No.4, Lane 415, Xianxia Road, Shanghai.

The lease term starts from February 25th 2006 and ends on March 25th 2006.

The article to be placed in this space is the Skeleton.



II.       Lessee’s rights and responsibilities

a.         Lessee shall make timely payment related to the lease according to the provision set forth in Article 4.

b.         Lessee shall use the premises in a proper manner in accordance with laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China. The structure of the lease premises shall be maintained intact. Lessee shall compensate any damage caused to the premises structure based on the price accordingly.

c.         Lessee has the right to place its articles in the leased premises during the lease term. Lessee shall guarantee that such articles are safe.

d.         Lessee has the right to take photos or videos in the lease premise, including the space in which articles are stored and its surrounding environment.

e.         Lessee has the right to publicly display, or sell, the photos and videos being taken, the lease contract and the relevant materials. Lessor shall not interfere with such issue.

f.          After the lease term expires, Lessee shall clear the leased premises.



III.     Lessor’s rights and responsibilities

a.         Lessor shall clear the leased premises on the date of signing the lease contract to provide necessary space for Lessee.

b.         During the lease term, Lessor shall not use the leased space specified in the contract without authorization. Lessor shall not move or damage the articles placed by Lessee. Lessee shall compensate any damage caused to the articles based on the price accordingly.

c.         Lessor agrees Lessee to take photos and video for the leased premises and the background view of the leased premises.

d.         Lessor shall not interfere with the exhibition and sales of Lessee’s materials related to the project.


IV.     Rent

According to the agreement of both parties, the rent for the period from February 25th 2006 to March 25th 2006 is RMB 88.88 yuan.

Lessee shall pay 80% of the total price on the date of signing this contract. The remaining sum will be paid by Lessee on the date of expiry.


V.        Termination

Before the contract expires, if Lessee wishes to terminate the contact unilaterally, Lessee shall pay Lessor the rent in full amount and pay Lessor an additional amount equal to the rent as compensation; if Lessor wishes to terminate the contact unilaterally, Lessor shall return Lessee the rent in full and pay Lessee an additional amount equal to the rent as compensation.


VI.     Dispute settlement

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the contract shall be settled through amicable consultations. Where consultations fail to settle such dispute, either party may submit the case to Shanghai arbitration body for arbitration and the award shall be final.


The Contract is in duplicate with each party holding one set. The Contract shall come into force on the date of signing.


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