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It's all right, contemporary art exhibition

Author: Shen Ligong 2006

It's all right, Contemporary Art Exhibition
2006, Hangzhou

"It's all right", contemporary art exhibition, attempts to focus on dilemmas and the tactical questions they generate. As we are in an unconscious state of mind, how could we possess a capacity of 'detachment'? A capacity which can corrode all this questioning. How could we believe that everything will be fine, that everything's alright? War? It's alright, it's only a war between imagining and imagination; solitude? It's alright, it's only a deprivation of feelings; misunderstanding? It's alright, it's only a branch point in the communication; indirectness? It's alright, it's only distances’ poverty; constraint? It's alright, it's only fiction's boundary; conflict? It's alright, it's only temporary deafness; injury? It's alright, it's only a longing for recovery … Only 'hope' remains, but what to hope for? ….

There is always a link between art and reality. Contemporary art, supplied with reality, re-penetrates reality and instantaneously becomes its scene. Art scene is only a scene and reality's exaltation an aesthetical mask. Then, fundamental differences between art and reality blur, art doesn't possess any particular forms out of reality anymore, the latter is already wrapped in the mild passage of the draining system, while forms of reality remain unchanged in reality.

It's all right

Nowhere does reality not become aesthetical
Nowhere does art not become reality

If it doesn’t become real in reality then it becomes aesthetical in reality
If it doesn’t become real in art then it becomes aesthetical in reality
If it doesn't become real in reality, then it becomes real in art
If it doesn't become aesthetical in art, then it becomes real in art

What else?

2006, Hangzhou

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