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List of XU Zhen's works 1998-2001



Breath Video Installation
2 color TV set (21″&14″), 2VCR, VHS tapes, light sensitive sensor, electric fan, wooden cabinet (200×70×80)
In a perfectly darkened room, a monitor is mounted on a cabinet, showing a close-up-sequence of someone blowing dry a liquid on the palms of his hands. With each blow, the screen lightens up for a couple of seconds and a draught of air can be felt. The room then returns to darkness. Once a minute a smaller monitor screen on the floor opens on a short scene about this liquid.
"I realize- I am in the process of disappearing."

Rainbow Video 3′59″ 1998
Someone beat the back by hands until the skin turn to red.  

Shouting Video 4′ 1998
Shouting in the crowds and shooting the scene that the people in the street turn back to see what ’s on.


From Inside the Body Video Installation 1999
Tow display screens simultaneously show a male and a female smelling their own bodies. A third screen in the middle shows a male smelling each others' bodies.  

But I Don't Need Anything Video 1999  


Sewer 380×30cm 2000
Photo Patchwork
Actually, I am also Dim 2000
installation with post-it notes printing  

The Problem of Color
Photography, 13 Pieces, 2000  
I'm changing here performance & video installation 2000
In a small room, 5 people move in the closed plastic bags, one of them shot the movement. The signals of image and voice are transmitted to the projector and audio in the next room.  


Untitled performance 2 hours 2001
An empty space, white and bright. On a wall, about 8 arms are hanging out of some holes in the wall. As soon as visitors enter the room the arms point at them, and follow their movement until they exit the room. On the wall opposite the arms there a very big mirror and the door.
A camera filming in the "performance-room" is connected to a monitor in the room next door: the operators look at what is happening in the room and act in consequence.

The Only Thing Black is Hair installation 2001  

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