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Wuhan Climate

Translator: Zhang Jinglu 2014-08-13

This art project is an extension of Theatre for Climate Control, it still regards climate as the object of investigation and reconstruction of the social system. While the art as the third party, it may merge into the real world or conflict with the productive practice. This is a customized space project for Wuhan.

Core concept
Wuhan Art Museum is located in the triangle area encircled by Zhongshan Avenue and Baohua Street, formed a kind of physical isolation with the surrounding environment from the space and function; From the point of today's urban cultural ecology, contemporary art also seemed a little bit "out of tune" in this town, it may be changed the consumption mechanism of the city, yet provide differentiated experience by reproducing a space, in this sense, I changed the triangle area into a space of island, my art work is to tip and modify the context, reactivate everyone's imagination and viewed from the perspective of space.

Climate and terrain
What contrast with the climate element is terrain.
On this geography isolated island, the project aimed to recall the Echoes and interludes with the city space and the history. This is just the theatricality.
variable: Rain and water
Yunmeng Ze is the ancient name of Wuhan, Yangtze River and Hanjiang gathered here as well as hundreds of rivers, Climate is the reference of the complexity and variability of the social system.
Terrain corresponds to the art/Theater climate: Hankou and Wuhan are city space abundant and diversified.
The corresponding category of The city/building space(also historical) of artwork are:
Traffic terrain = Xunlimen Station + Yuehan Railway Ferry Terminal + Taigu stack dock
Life terrain = Hankou towers + Racecourse + People’s Paradise
Colony terrain = Concession Riverbank+ Foreign Suppliers Racecourse
Revolution terrain = August 7th Meeting + Peasant Movement Institute + Uprising Square / look across the river with Hankou.

Works structure
My work are divided into three parts:
a. Installation=Station/ Dock conception
Art as an island conception, Station/Dock= Guide, channels, delivery and opportunities
Corresponding architectural forms=Xunlimen Station + Yuehan Railway Ferry Terminal
Location=The lawn in front of the art museum.

b. Installation=Towers / meteorological towers conception
Towers / meteorological towers= Observation, lookout, communication of energy and climate / System
Corresponding architectural forms=Hankou Taigu stack dock + Hankou towers
Location=High place of the art museum or other place

c.Event Behavior + video = flow / boat conception
That is a slim device which can flow walking through the city node.
Flow/boat= corresponding the concept of water + the stir of urban spatial nodes and historical series
The urban nodes= The Hankou tower+Racecourse + Riverbank Concession + Wuchang Shouyi Square.

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