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Yes, It Could Only Be A Ball

Author: Zhao Yang 2014

The Storm creates the frost flowers before it comes.
If say yes,
Yes, it only could be a ball.
   (St. Augustine: what is the time? If you do not ask me, I know; If you ask me, I do not know.)

Art is not related to others, it just gazes over and over, covering the beauty.
Kierkegaard has illustration of desperation in the sickness unto death, he supposes it is positive when people truly realize his desperation.

Yes, it is abyss, it has freedom only in the huge sadness, struggle is locking, leaving is freedom, decisiveness is without any hope. Yes, it is death—the real death is rebirth.
   (no experience, experience is only the way to gain the sense of security, if you feel safe, it is occlusion, which is unsafe.)

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