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The Fog of The Twins

Author: Zhao Yang 2012

A pair of twin sisters, seeing the sky in fear. The same face, the same expression, but different two humans, two women. The same and the difference make us doubt in judgment. Every matter is presented with codes. people always put their obvious identities into the expression system, becoming the unit of interpretation and load. We live in the conception, which is always the start of the mistake, matters should not merely be this, even it is not the case.

The dominant and internal characters always depend on the environment, the relationship formed with other matters, or the analogy, the contrast, the repetition, the transformation, the generation, or the relationship with the space and time, the cause and effect of human beings, the nature and super nature……

Every detail is enough to point out the truth, which is only waited for the method of deciphering secret and the perspective of discovery. When the relationship is created putting references together, an event happens, the clue is the stairs, the truth is waited for us to explore.

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