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The Coloured Sky: New Women II, Yang Fudong


Yang Fudong

I was thinking of filming The Coloured Sky: New Women II when I completed New Women I. It would be a colour film instead of black-and-white. Additionally, the film would not point at idealism or a relatively ‘grand’ narrative. From my perspective, New Woman II feels closer to childhood. Remember that when you finish eating candies, then hold up the candy paper against the sun. The vivid colour refracted on the w, does it appear to you the shinning rainbow after a rain?

New Women II describes more about the state of young girls in their boudoir or private space. These girls have secrets which they never share with anyone. Perhaps a secret present like a music box, a pearl or a necklace. New Women II attempts to convey the sensation that girls feel toward a special and secret gift. I want to get closer to real-life through the secret present.

During the shooting process of The Coloured Sky: New Women II, I sensed a bit of change. This time approached more about the possible methodology of filming abstract video from the level of the conception. Furthermore, I attempted to unearth a new way of narration and expression.

I have made a lot of black-and-white films before, but this time I chose a digital video camera to shoot a colour work. It might be an imperative attempt for me to understand how colour video works to promote and change the narrative method. Moreover, New Women II allows me to think that I might need to incorporate painting, installation, video and various medium into my future works. This project has inspired me with some novel ideas. Perhaps the “eclectic” way of creating could help me to make a breakthrough and enable me with the courage to explore and surpass my limits. The Colored Sky: New Women II is a 5-channel colour video installation. Despite the mesmerizing lyric and dreamlike context of the narrative, this work illustrates the moments that girls spend their time in a boudoir or a private space as if the vivid colour refracted from the candy wrapper under the sun. The work attempts to present the sentiment when girls possess special secret gifts and examine their desire and insecurity in the hidden ways of truth and false while the young girls grow up. To the artist, shooting incorporating with colour is a pivotal attempt to promote and change the narrative method.

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