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Xu Zhen: "18 Days" introduction (artunlimited/art basel)


Name of the gallery: Shanghart Gallery & H-Space, Shanghai

Artist's name: XU Zhen
Title/Year: 18 Days / 2006
Technique/Format: Installation - shipping container (500x210x200cm with bus, remote control toy weapons, maps, documentary photos etc) and video projection (23,56 min)

Information on the art work

'18 Days' records an 18-days trip Xu Zhen underwent in 2006 with the goal to invade Chinas neighboring countries with remote controlled toy weapons. A shipping container containing the bus used for transport throughout the trip together with the toy weapons are being displayed along with the documentary video.

ArtUmlimited  Hall/booth 2.1/J7      

Artist Information

Xu Zhen projects articulate frivolity that entails multiple subject matters. His work entails theatrical humor as well as social critique, neither entirely serious nor obviously ironic. Xu Zhen's extensive body of work includes photography, installation and video. His projects are informed by performance as well as conceptual art. The work '8.848-1.86' (2005) documents his expedition to Mt Everest, where he removed the peak of the mountain and transported it home to be exhibited in a large display cabinet. As a signifying device he often uses the concept of the 'body', such as in the short video “Rainbow” (2000) displayed at the 49th Venice Biennale. Xu Zhen's work conveys multi-layered meanings with a very subtle and simple gesture.

Xu Zhen, born 1977, lives and works in Shanghai. He showed at the Venice Biennale (1999 and 2005 in the China Pavilion). Recent exhibitions include China Power Station, Battersea Power Station, (London UK, 2006), On Mobility, De Appel, (Amsterdam, NL, 2006), 8848-1'86, Museum Boijmanns van Beuningen (Rotterdam NL, 2006), The Real Thing, Tate (Liverpool UK 2007).

Information on the exhibited work
Title              18 days
Edition              1      (video 5)
Technique/Format:       Installation - shipping container (500x210x200cm with bus, remote control toy weapons, maps, documentary photos etc)* and video projection (23,56 min)
Year:              2006
Price              on request

*) following the complete content of the container (but I guess no way to print that in the catalogue, but of course that would be great):

1 bus, 1 luggage rack, 2 oil barrels, 1 fire extinguisher, 3 shells of tank model, 1 shell of jeep model, 3 shells of ship model, 3 shells of remote control, 1 barrel motor oil, 1 barrel no-congealable oil, 1 role green nylon rope, 2 pieces color bar fabric, 2 umbrellas, 2 air brushed photos, 3 cushions, 7 turntables, 1 flash light, 1 jack, 1 replacement brake, 1 black plastic bag (with packing of food and rubbish), 2 black canvas bags (with tank) 1 container with 2 ship models, 1 container with drone, 1 colorful nylon bag with tank & jeep model, 1 colorful nylon bag binocular, 1 parking sign, 1 pair of shoes, 1 disposable cup, 6 bottle mineral water, 1 roll electrical wire, 4 oil cleanser, 2 water jug, 2 bag paper towels, 2 iron chain locks, 4 electrical outlet, 1 soap, 2 pairs glove, 2 atlas, 1 scissors, 1 toothpaste, 2 lighters, 2 pencils, some filling material, 1 green travel bag with travel clothing, 1 green travel bag with bandage, 2 tire chains for car, 1 binder, 1 root spanner for car, 1 waist pack (with receipts), 1 iron chain, 1 vacuum flask, 1 rack for tire, a plastic box, 10 remote controller,        10 charger, 1 set small batteries, 1 flashlight, 4 connection cables, 9 car lights, 7 piles, 1 tape, 1 electro probe, 3 pens.

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