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Dark Wave


Dark wave is not about blackness.

Dark wave is the murmur in the age of darkness.

I believe in miracles, in the resonance between me and invisible forces,  and in that everything has drawn to a close long ago before it starts. We expect that moment. Fan Kuan waits for me. I wait for the future. Therefore, a painting has reached its end before it is begun. The future has been inscribed by us in advance.

Sometimes I am trapped inside. Everything is dissolved in the mist. The past is concealed. The concealment itself has been forgotten. I am lost in front of the wall being drawn over and over again. I see myself trying to reach for the truth in the vast darkness.

Finally, me and my world look at each other in silence. At this last moment, my world is immersed in a dark and somber gaze, watching me walking away. I will wait for myself, in the darkness of another boundless world.

Now is the time for the painting to break the silence and speak to me.

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