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XIAO Longhua


“These specially selected objects have naturally collided, integrated then formed new shapes during the impromptus creation, new narratives are emerged in the constituted relationship which combines the individual mode of functionality and stories. While delving into the more in-depth level, how to lessen the loss of the individual characteristic enthusiasm in order to unfold the authentic texture and content during the process of integration becomes essential to be considered. Same situations also applying to how to work more freely as well as how to better sustain the pleasure while creating artworks. ”

Xiao Longhua graduated from Fine Art College of Shanghai University, the Department of Oil Painting in 2004. Currently he works and lives in Shanghai. To him, “have fun” plays an extremely important role in the process of creation, and he consciously resist the influence from the subjective part of awareness of being an artist, but to a certain extent let the artistic work speaks for itself. Very often he takes an aimless stroll around Shanghai in a leisurely afternoon. Although he grows up here in Shanghai, however, Shanghai is so dynamic that he can always have inadvertently discoveries and surprises, which have become the endless source to his creative inspiration. With the focus on exploring the interactions and possibilities of new creations between materials based on their raw shapes, textures, colors and natures, Xiao Longhua’s works seize the impromptu relations and nativities through them.

The most of exhibited works come from “Combination” series which is a long-term series since 2011. “Combination” is not only a research in shape, color and texture, but a fully discussion in the composition of the object. These objects, which are bought or collected from the second-hand stores, ruins or just from the streets in Shanghai, have displayed a sense of form beauty as well as a functional taste because of the relationship with person's daily use. The “Combination” series has been exhibited in +Attention (MoCA, Shanghai, 2013) and in Design Shanghai (Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2013). However, due to its highly imaginative and expressive impression, his work “Floating” will be shown in the public for the first time.

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