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An Estranged Paradise

Author: Yang Fudong Feb,2003

Zhuzi, a young intellectual, is living in Hangzhou which is called heaven because of the city’s beautiful scenery. He, together with his fiancee Linshan, leads a quite life there. The rainy season of the city comes every March or April, but it came a bit early this year. The city became wet and cold during the rainy season. Zhuzi suddenly felt uncomfortable and with an emotion of nervous. He did not know why the feeling came to him. He kept going to the hospital to exam his body, his eyes, his nose, his ears, his skeleton with a suspect that he himself was ill. After every exam, the doctor told Zhuzi that he is all right. Gradually, Zhuzi realized that the doctor was right. He did not suspecte that he had anything wrong with his health any longer. The quiet and prosaic life that he is leading was what he really feared. He found that he still loves life. He felt that he should lead a happy life. This moment, the rainy season in Hangzhou will came to an end soon.

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