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Untitled (Gym machine, remote control)

Author: David A. Ross 2007

Xu Zhen, Untitled (2007), Gym machine, remote control

At this exhibition, Xu Zhen presents works using modified workout equipment, Untitled (2007).
Using workout equipment controlled by remote control that lead people to do repetitive movements; Xu Zhen expresses the relationship between control and being controlled, games and exercise, and the future and the present. For this purpose, the artist proposes an extremely insensuous and impractical installation. It is an installation that represents the modern man, mindlessly repeating routines that are set out by the social structure and the media. Through this piece the artist criticizes the loss of individual identities in midst of social control. It is interesting that he chose to use familiar objects, like workout equipment, to show the role of art in society.

(David A. Ross, Tomorrow Exhibition, Artsonje Centre, Seoul)

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