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Early spring of 2020

Author: Jiang Pengyi Translator: Xiao Shui 2020-02-14

I didn’t expect it to snow anymore after the beginning of spring. I still remember clearly that in the evening seven days ago, the surroundings were as quiet as an unmanned world, but the snow fell all of a sudden, quick and white and plain, which made me feel a little panic.

To my surprise, it was snowing again on Valentine's Day. In the afternoon, I put on the disposable mask that I have been using for four days and went for a walk along the Wenyu River. The sky was gloomy with no color, and the snow on the ground was brighter than the sky, as if the heavens and the earth were turned upside down and I became dizzy.

The trail that could turn left and right formerly was blocked by the blue iron sheet. I had to go downhill, through the woods, and walked towards the river. There was no footprint on the snow, and the river was neither frozen nor flowing. In this position, in the summer, one could see waterweed along the bank. Our family came here to free captive animals here. When the loaches were set free, they didn't move at first, and after a little while, they just drilled into the muddy water.

Out of the grove, there was a ray of sunset, melting the snow on the bare branches. I wouldn’t pay attention to this before. The scenery didn’t seem to be worthy of meditation. However, watching the snow turn into water, and then into steam, induced some emotional feeling from my lungs.

Little loaches, may they still be alive and well.

At night, February 14, 2020

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