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The Revival of the Snake


10-channel video installation, 8', ed. of 3   (2005)

"Revival of the Snake" (2005), a colour video of eight minutes duration, plays on ten large screens. Here the subject is incontestably human instinct and survival. The scene is a bright winter day with a clear sky. The ground seems to be deeply frozen and in parts sprinkled with dry snow. It is a desolate landscape. In this no-man's-land everything seems to presage death. The protagonist is a young man, perhaps an "intellectual", who seems to be a victim ?ghting for survival. Once again, there is no story, no beginning, middle, or end. On some of the screens the young man seems to be wandering around, exploring the environment. On some of the other screens we see him dragging himself across the thick ice of a frozen lake. While, on other screen, she is seen blindfolded with hands tied behind his back.

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