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b. 1968, works and lives in Shanghai

Pleasant Sensation Passing through Flesh is another “massage chair” installation produced by YANG Zhenzhong after Massage Chairs - Then Edison's Direct Current was surrendered To the Alternating Current back in 2003. Compared with the six horizontally set massage chairs, the new one is with its bottom fixed on the wall, which as a result creates a distance between audience and artwork. While the last series evokes association with “electric chairs”, this one can not even be recognized as a massage chair at the first glance and looks instead like an abstract and absurd machine in future. The installation composes of three sets of movable machineries and makes regular movements set by its programme including rubbing, kneading, patting and vibration when connected to power. Looking at this mechanical movement, viewers are able to catch the humor sense of the artist. With the open and close, up and down, and gyration postures, this work implies some seducing and happy feelings and leaves questions for viewers in a relaxed and erotic emotion and a calm mechanical form.

The device is equipped with a body-Parachute Infantry Regiment (universal joint), and the device is started by detecting the moving subjects in the critical area. Sensitivity adjustment button includes: optional for day and night, the induction distance between 10cm to 700cm, which sustains 20-500 seconds (when the moving objects are not detected).

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