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b. 1968, works and lives in Shanghai
2007 ~ 2013
single-channel video
14 minutes 59 seconds
Edition of 5 + 2AP

The majority of YANG’s video installation is reminiscent of his previous “Sleepwalking Is a Therapy” videos. A camera walks through the city of Shanghai experiencing the busy streets and city sounds. The audience soon learns that the camera is looking for a dark hole, any dark hole. Once a hole is found and the camera is given escape from society, the person behind it may breathe. At one point the camera is no longer held by a person walking through the city, instead it is in an aircraft over the city accompanied by radio music and talk. As it gets closer the radio becomes clearer, but from further away one hears more and more static. This illustrates the chaotic nature of city that can only truly be observed from a distance. And only when one is alone may they be free. The video is presented in a manner that extenuates the overall message. In order to view the video one must place their heads in a hole in the wall. Just as the camera is surrounded by city, overwhelmed and needing air, so is the viewer.

Richelle Simon in July 2007

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Video Stills

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