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b. 1972, works and lives in Beijing

Humane Prescription
Iron pipe, copper pipe, compressor
Edition of 1


Time always leaves its historic trace, for example, those elements which have appeared in my works: the auditorium, the map, the engine oil and the Morse code, contain transformed emotions. Some people might think I am trying to express a certain political view through my works. However, I just convert the ideas floating through my head into some kind of images.

For instance, when I was a child I particularly loved codes, and always wanted to be a detective, to acquire communication skills inaccessible to others, so these things leave a deep impression on me. And I think I might be a nostalgic person.

A lot of materials I use are disappearing or even hard to find, and I think this (phenomenon) is really interesting. What else can be a better option to be the mark of time? So I am aching to take advantage of them and organize them. Although it might sound hypocritical while talking too much about this thing, but the truth is all the artists can’t deny the influence of their childhood. The marks of time decide what he will do and how to do it later.

I’m really influenced by classicism. I kept learning classical art and early modern art, all out of love, when I was at college. And consequently the influence of that time is deep and profound. I don’t tend to be avant-garde, for it’s not a style.

Many of my works originate from hypothesis and trance, I would capture some images while in a trance. I emphasis on feeling when doing works, a word, a graph or even a sentence can inspire me. I don’t like to create on an assigned topic, and I quite enjoy creating freely. Creation becomes quite boring without freedom.

Nor do I rely particularly on sensibility. When I am not sure about perceptual knowledge, I would use data and mathematics to help work. So it’s a kind of fifty-fifty work.

By Lu Lei

Lu Lei (b.1972) works and lives in Beijing, graduated from Sculpture Department of China Fine Arts College in 1998. Recent exhibitions include: Heteroglossia, How Art Museum, Shanghai (2018); Forty Years of Sculpture · The First Term, Shenzhen Contemporary Art and Urban Planning Museum, Shenzhen (2017); Post-sense Sensibility, Trepidation and Will, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing (2016); LU Lei Solo Exhibition-ECHO, ShanghART Beijing, Beijing(2015); Li Pinghu, Li Ran, Lu Lei: Semi-automatic Mode, ShanghART Beijing, Beijing (2014); Jungle II, Platform China, Beijing (2013); Evidence, Newage Art Gallery, Beijing (2012); Lu Lei solo exhibition-Floating Ice Biography, Other Gallery, Beijing(2011); Blackboard, ShanghART H Space, Shanghai (2009); Present: Lu Lei Solo Exhibition, Hanart TZ gallery, Hong Kong (2008); Amateur World, Platform China, Beijing (2007); 6th Shanghai Biennale: Hyper Design, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai (2006).


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