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Solo Exhibition BizArt, Shanghai
Date: Oct,2006

Artists: SHI Qing 石青

Shi Qing's solo exhibition – Electricity will be shown at Bizart Space from 13 to 20 October, 2006. Works are presented in the form of installation, video, and performance. Shi Qing will continue his urban myth of the construction system in his solo exhibition: the concept of the electricity is abstracted into a new urban language, which is invisible, silent, and rapid; the power is infinite and the control exists everywhere; electricity as a political god controls each soul and each corner in the city. It began with the artist's personal memory and impression on Shanghai, he got involved into this urban myth system and tried to get his individual imagination and memory connected to the history of the city. Recent works by Shi Qing start to show the research on the urban system by the form of individual life. All the presented works for this exhibition will be completed in Shanghai.

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