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Electricity Controls Shanghai

Installation/Video/Photography/Text Author: SHI Qing Translator: Liu Yiwen Sep,2006

A Video I

Electric Politics/Memory in Imagination/City Grammar

Memory 1  Repalce A Ligh Bulb
A sense of of happiness in short pause
Children are happy that the bulb turns on bright again.The lights are like sunshines spurring our emotions to spring,especially we have exprienced the dark night before
Electricity provides us a lifestyle and we rely on it.The frequent electric faults remind us its importance

Memory 2  Electric Shock
Violent taboo in electricity
Everyone of us was told that electricity was dangerous when we were chidren,but it is an abstract thing for us without related images.We usually don’t realize the danger until the first victim appear
Awe is kept in fears.Strength is tested by injury degrees.The process of rewiring the electric power is a violent show place

Memory 3  Electric Appliances
Electricity gets a balance in its own energy conversion
Electricity,as the external physical energy,has to simulate some natural energies to make our bodies form the sensory dependency and control our bodies.Electricity performs as a tool to tease our bodies
Electricity’s immaterial qualities better suit the overly tidy tendency in cities’ standardization.Electricity serve as the vocabularies in the grammar of the electricity

Memory 4  Electricity Theft
A balanced strategy for political transforms
Electricity Theft,regarded as a normal collective event,is a disguised economic compensation for the ordinary people who lose the civil power in cities and also an outdated memory of electricity distribution under a planned economy
Electicity meter is a measuring instrument for the power distribution in cities.Stealing the electric wires is a distortion of civil politics in cities

Memory 5  Point To Your Heart
Infinite extension in emotional control
The daylight and fervours in cities are extended in the electricity and so do the reason and the control.Since the intuition,our emotions become easier to control
Through the control of people’s emotion,electricity finishes its control over our cities

Memory 6  Tryst  
Electricity’s infringement on privacies
Deportation of people’s privacies in the electricity makes the most secret part in our emotions dim.Personal events become public events.The consumption of privacies make us lose the ability to create secrets
The exposure of privacies leads the vanishing of our memories and cities become the background of lights

B Video II

Electricity  Flower at Night
Illuminants are extended by memories
Electricity   Gorgeous Time for Cities
Enhance the broken cities
Electricity  Inertance in Energies
Like a life surpporing people to travel
No control

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