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Project Liaigre, 796 Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai
Date: 11.25, 2021 - 01.11, 2022

Artists: HAN Feng 韩锋 | 

ShanghART Gallery has teamed up with French interior design and furniture brand LIAIGRE to present Han Feng's solo project "Tributes",  opening on December 24th and 31st, 2021, at 796 Huaihai Road, Shanghai.

“Tributes” will start gradually deriving since November 25th 2021, as Han Feng performs a month-long symbiotic art scene within an old architectural space. The project was a serendipitous encounter. The artist learned about the brand’s departure from the twin villa. Before leaving, the two parties decide to create a beautiful way of linking the architectural space, design products, people and objects into a solidified abstract dance at the last month of the year, in order to pay tribute to a period of a wonderful time.

For a month time, as objects are evacuated, Han Feng’s “Tributes” start to grow and sprout, dancing with memories and stories within the space. The exhibition space is theatre; theatre is life, and life is also ceremony.

At first, the concept of “Tributes” originated during Han Feng’s thinking and experimentations while completing his residency in Germany. He wandered through the streets of Berlin. At first, facing the unknown and unfamiliar environment, people and objects, he relied on his instincts. The old objects that carried traces of condensed memories became his first friends abroad. The artist picked up old objects, ornaments, or the neighbour’s household items, covered them with canvas to start his creative work. Han Feng respects the past and relies on instincts; he believes that experience is more important than learning. He conducts spatial topology of degraded civilised systems with different recovery years at the same time; it is a process of attaining knowledge from investigating objects.

Asymmetric, sharp, and blunt objects are carefully packed; traces of naturally cultivated or found objects sometimes fit nicely with the canvas and sometimes struggle within it, forming known and unknown synthetic shapes. The canvas is shaped following the undulation of objects, like deep currents flowing under the sea, and the colours are like the condensed mirroring surface of calm water. The end of the creative process is the end of a mass; the artist extracts the objects from the canvas, anticipates the rebirth of the person who abandoned it, and returned the object to a state of “lightness.” This method of replacing time with space is not all about the experimentation of trajectory. From the body to the individual to the collective, Han Feng never relied on brute force. He always maintains intellect and tenacity to promote the process similar to an alchemist’s replacement: “resilience” and “resistance” are like the two ends of a rope, slowing pulling and wrapping. Yet Han Feng can extract his mental state from his physical being like a mythical hawk. In this sense, he is modelling for unknown experiences, while he intervenes on the frequency of history through traces of daily objects; the process is empathy.

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