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Solo Exhibition DRC No.12, Beijing
Date: 03.28, 2022 - 07.30, 2022

Artists: HU Wei 胡伟

DRC No.12 is proud to announce Hu Wei's solo project Affairs will open on March 28.

In the space of DRC No.12, Hu Wei continues to explore the materials and narratives of "absence" and "silencing". Through the extraction and fictionalization of a disorienting and reluctantly mentioned political crime (transnational romance) from the last century's Cold War, the artist invites the viewer to witness the dissociation of an intimate relationship and to become a judge and participant in the overlapping episodes of the work.

The exhibition's investigation of public historical events is transformed into "detective-obsessed curiosity," narcissistic identification with criminals, and fetishistic pleasure. The law, transgressions, scandals and deceptions involved also become references to contemporary conflicts. In view of the private and public nature of the diplomatic apartment, Hu Wei combines media, interview and cinema materials to transform DRC No. 12 into a "cinematic site" and an obscure "crime scene".

The project will run until June 28, 2022.

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