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End of Heat | Section 2: Traces
Group Exhibition ShanghART, Shanghai
Date: 09.22, 2022 - 10.18, 2022

Artists: HU Liu 胡柳 |  HE Wei 何伟 |  LIANG Shaoji 梁绍基 |  SU Chang 苏畅 |  TANG Guo 汤国 |  ZHAO Yang 赵洋 | 

Location: West Bund, Bldg.10, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai
T: +86 21 6359 3923
Duration:  22 September - 09 October, 2022, Tue.-Sun. 11 am-6 pm, Mon. Closed

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Opening on 22 September, ShanghART Gallery is delighted to present the second section of the special summer exhibition "End of Heat": Traces.

This section features paintings and sculptures by Hu Liu, He Wei, Liang Shaoji, Su Chang, Tang Guo, and Zhao Yang, as well as a special screening of Ding Yi's Tibetan documentary "Multi-Verse" during the exhibition.

“Traces are the most intuitive expression.” The six artists work with multiple materials and express in various forms including oil paint, pencil, plant fiber, silk and plaster sculpture, etc. This section is constructed in a non-narrative way rather than representational expressions. The exhibition reveals the nature of the works through research on materials, pictorial effects, artistic conception, etc.

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