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Somewhere Sometime
Project Saisen Art, Shanghai
Date: 07.01, 2023 - 09.15, 2023

Artists: HAN Feng 韩锋 | 

Han Feng relocated to Germany in 2019 to begin work on the “Family Project” series. By collecting and recording the stories of the interviewees, he created a series of works using family stories as a thread. The work transforms from flat to three-dimensional, still hollow inside, like a shell.

Over the years, Han Feng has been exploring how to erase the traces of the creator and focus on the object itself: the blank space in his paintings, no depth of field, and a single blurred object isolated in the frame, etc. After Han Feng moved to Germany, he further considered the meaning of the existence of the work itself without its creator. He began to change the way he worked, instead of staying alone in his studio and working on his own. He knocked on the doors of German homes and started the “family project”.

“The work should belong to the present time and space, with the properties of a container that can enter and exit. In the course of time, some of the forms and structures of the objects in our living space are alive and have natural properties, like trees. How to transcend the limits of perception of objects and present the eternal part of them in the present spatiotemporal relationship is the direction of creation at this stage.” Said Han Feng.

“Somewhere Sometime” presents Han Feng's month-long residency at SAISEN ART Space. Continuing the “Family Project” series that Han Feng has been accumulating in Germany for the past three years, which marks the beginning of the artist's project in China.

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