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Dial 62761232 (Express Delivery Exhibition) , Contemporary Art Exhibition
Group Exhibition BizArt, Shanghai
Date: 09.10, 2004 - 09.20, 2004

Artists: CHEN Xiaoyun 陈晓云 |  DING Yi 丁乙 |  GENG Jianyi 耿建翌 |  HU Jieming 胡介鸣 |  Huang Kui 黄奎 |  KAN Xuan 阚萱 |  SHAO Yi 邵一 |  SONG Tao 宋涛 |  SHI Yong 施勇 |  TANG Maohong 唐茂宏 |  XIANG Liqing 向利庆 |  XU Zhen 徐震 |  YANG Fudong 杨福东 |  YANG Zhenzhong 杨振中 |  ZHANG Ding 张鼎 |  ZHENG Guogu 郑国谷 |  ZHANG Qing 章清 |  ZHOU Zixi 周子曦 | 

Dates: September 10th - 20th, 2006. From 10:00 to 20:00.
Venue: destination of the courier
Organizer: Bizart Art Center
Co-organizer: Oriental Morning Post, Shanghai Lin Yang Courier Company
Cuiators team: Yang Zhenzhong, Tang Maohong, Jin Feng, Huang Kui, Xu Zhen.

Participating artists: Shao Yi, Yang Qingqing, Fei Pingguo, Liu Jianhua, Jiang Zhi, Yang Fudong, Hu Jieming, Ding Yi, Mao Dou, Fan Mingzhu, Lao Mao, Chen Shaoxiong, Zheng Guogu, Liu Wei, He An, Zhu Yu, Chen Xiaoyun, Fei Dawei, Geng Jianyi, Xiang Liqing, Zhang Ding, Xu Tan, Liu Weijian, Zhou Tao, Lao Jinfeng, Yu Ji, Ba Zhennong, Jin Jiangbo, Zhang Qing, Wang Xingwei, Ni Jun, Song Tao, Zhou Zixi, Jia Bu, Shi Yong, Shi Qing, Kan Xuan, Zhou Xiaohu, Le Dadou

“62761232 is the telephone number for a courier in Shanghai. From September 10 to September 20, from 10a.m to 10pm no matter were you are in the city you will be able to have an exhibition brought in front of you. (Shanghai center is free; if you live outside the central ring you need to pay for the courier fee)

What is the position of contemporary art in Shanghai? In this landscape of economic and social changes, contemporary art is under a continuum change.

With this unusual art event, we breack the common exhibition mode and will solve a problem that public face when confronting with an exhibition.

This exhibition is curated by a team of artists from Shanghai and will collect artworks from 40 artists from all around china...”

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