ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Time and Permanence
1993 ~ 2018
Silk, cocoons, barbed wires
400(H)*77*65cm (in 2 pieces) | 104*77*65cm | 136*43*45cm

Liang Shaoji’s artworks are process based, incorporating movement and life. These silk wrapped pyramids illustrates Liang’s 25-year practice. Layers and layers of silk features the passage of time. For Liang, the enduring and powerful pyramidal form is closely tied with eternity, while the layers of silk and traces of the worms embedded within suggest transience and fleeting life. This duality between transience and eternity is embodied in the silkworm itself. While an individual worm lives for only fifty to sixty days, its lifecycle exhibits an endless circle of birth and rebirth. Time and Permanence comprises two pyramids, one on its base and one inverted, which converge at a central point to create an hourglass.

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Exhibition view

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