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Pretending Egomania
Aluminum, morse code controller, incandescent light bulb
Corrode the Surface of Aluminum Sculpture , Morse Code Control Incandescent Lamp Light
5 pieces  | Donkey without Base 96*50*170cm | Dog with base 137*65*100cm | Mouse with base 90*55*173cm | Donkey with base 174*78*230cm | Bear with base 185*110*205cm | Pig with base 156*72*161cm | Dog  72*48*95cm | Mouse 35*42*170cm | Donkey 96*50*170cm | Bear 90*90*180cm | Pig 80*45*120cm | Base of dog Diameter:65.0 cm | Base of mouse Diameter:55.0 cm | Base of donkey Diameter:77.0 cm | Base of bear Diameter:100.0 cm | Base of pig Diameter:70.0 cm

‘Pig’, ‘Dog’, ‘Mouse’, ‘Bear’ and ‘Donkey’, these five animals, who are not the aesthetic symbol in sculpture, are deprived their five senses only left the listening (ear), and stand on the base in cast aluminum sewage. They seem as the proud sculptures stand on the square. The deprived five senses are replaced by the Trumpet - shaped mask, from which the continuously flashing Morse code is transmitted and secretly passed to the outside world: no memory, no smell, no conscious, no sights and no words, separately. These five animals are eroded so as to lose their colors, playing as the arrogant and decadent contradiction and expressing the silent conflict against the square.

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