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Can Chanchan (Silkworm Spinning)
single-channel video
silk textile, projection of video (color, silent)
For display 240(H)*450*410cm | Single channel video 5 minutes 11 seconds | Silk textile approx 500*150cm

When the artist captured the process of silk spinning, he accidentally found out the seasonal changes of silkworm’s world. At the beginning, thousands of silkworms cluster together. When the silk gets thicker, certain patterns gradually emerge. The shape, density and patterns of silk vary under different temperatures and humidities, while the wave of water evolves in different seasons. Eventually, when the spinning is done, cocoons are thus buried under the silk. And the hovering butterflies resemble the blossoms in winter.

Detail pictures:

Installation view at Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2021
Installation view at Hermes Maison in Shanghai, 2015

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