ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Nature Series No.1
Barbed wire, desk globe, silk

“Beginning his Nature Series, significantly, with a world globe, Liang Shaoji conceives nature as a cosmic whole that encompasses flora, fauna and mankind. [...]This particular work came about under the impression of the Gulf War, which at that time had just broken out. Conceivably the most violent antithesis to the gossamer filaments of the silkworm, barbed wire has engorged the planet has disappeared from existence. The empty rack of the table globe is crammed with loops of barbed wire, its razor-sharp presence instantly evoking associations with violence, war and oppression–a visionary image of a world destroying itself.” ​

-- Excerpt from Doris von Drathen’s “Of the Immaterial and Its Corporeality”

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