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On the Explanation of “BioArt”

Author: Li Shan 2017-08-26

BioArt is not about utilizing biotechnology to make art . It cannot be criticized or defined from the  perspective of “aesthetics,” and it cannot be described using the language of “poetry” or be sensed through “experience. ” It is a way of becoming aware; it is a way of constructing a new cultural configuration.
This kind of awareness is based on the following two points:
First, we know that there are only a handful of genes that can be mapped on the long chain of  macromolecules comprising DNA, representing just two percent of what exists in the whole genome. Between the genes, there exists parcels of debris, and scientists consider this debris to be the remnants of ancient genes and viruses. Recently, scientists have discovered that this debris is not completely useless. So what does this phenomenon tell us?
If this debris or miscellaneous groups of DNA sequence can be arranged to form readable patterns, then a living organism has the possibility of unlimited genetic expression. This also indicates that the existing pattern of life is not the ultimate pattern.
Second, does humanity want to find themselves through the study of their genes? Do people  want  to consider themselves as a pile of cell groups that are constantly in flux, and from this be liberated from the concept of humankind so as to examine the self from a much broader perspective? In doing so, we could see the interlocking relationship between mankind, dragonflies,  maize, and yeast from a renewed perspective. We cannot look at a gene simply as the foundational material of life, but instead should see it as the character that plays a much greater role in the greater harmony amongst all living things.

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