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HU Weiyi (b.1990) | Imagination is Reality
40(H)*60cm 11 pieces
Edition of 5 + 2AP

A considerable part of Western movies like to imagine Southeast Asia as a barbarian place full of violence, where there is a flood of drugs, crime and killings, which seems to be a zone that needs to be saved by Western civilisation. In reality, tourism in Southeast Asia is developed and attracted people from all over the world. In many places, it is calm and comfortable. It seems that there is no connection with extreme violence. I doubted the line between the two. Will the imagining violence suddenly come to a calm reality? Is the real peace just a domesticated imagination? Perhaps imagination and reality are one, and there is no clear boundary between them. They hide each other's existence.

Whether there is a person's state corresponding to it, such as a kind of invisible haze attached to the body, neither the invisible nor the intangible, causes the body to show an awkward posture.

So I found some ordinary people of different ages in Thailand and picked a daily offensive item from their lives. Through the burning of the sun, the shadows of the objects were clearly projected on their backs, and they imagined their true existence in an attempt to grasp and get rid of them. This shadow is like a birthmark on the body, or an innate gene. It can also refer to the imprint of a certain culture. They are the ghosts of the hot sun, but they are everywhere but they have no trace. Only the body that grows on this land can calmly tell the story of the shadow.

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