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est. 2004, works and lives in Shanghai
Photo sealed in resin
140(H)*180*2.5cm | Weight 75.0 kg

The work Saecula Saeculorum generates meanings through materials and pictures. The artists carefully use epoxy resins to seal up a waste photo featuring the temple ruins in Sicily, Italy. As time goes by, the developer exposed to air leads to the speckles and eroded traces on the photographic paper. The image in the resin looks like a fossil in the amber, which congeals the alive creature, and divides life and death, dynamic and static. Similarly, the state of life has been frozen up since it was captured by the camera. The objects from the past is now shown in photographs, waiting to release the stronger vitality over time. By doing this the artists are able to preserve the present moments that suddenly stop, like an exclamation mark, and become eternal via photography.

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